Two weeks with KDE

by root

Like I have mentioned here before I was/am a pretty serious Openbox guy. And, like most Openbox folks, I was also a GTK application user. Sure I had VLC onboard, but for the most part it was GTK all the way. So it wasn’t too strange when I started the Arch challenge to use Gnome. Gnome was probably one of the reasons that the Arch install went so smoothly honestly. It just pulled in a million depends and then it “just worked” (kinda, see previous posts). So I did something I didn’t think I would do, I started using KDE.

Please don’t let the use of Openbox fool you. I am not “hip”, “trendy”, or a “trend-rad-ster”. I had been using GTK apps and Openbox for years, many years. So this KDE thing was more than just the casual switch. Let’s be honest here. In my opinion, switching from Debian to Arch was much simpler than the transition to KDE.

Now it has been just two weeks. Two solid weeks. I haven’t even booted into i3. Where am I ? I’m in love! I get 90% of the customization of my Openbox setup, with 10% of the hassle. Sure I can edit text files. I’m a fucking genius at editing text files, but sometimes I like easy pretty things. KDE delivers. I am actually more productive because the features of KDE add to my experience, not detract. I am able to logically organize and order more on my desktop, and access it fast.

Favorite features? Kgpg is great and easy for encryption. I stopped using SpaceFM because Dolphin does it all and looks better. Unlike Gnome, I can use Radiotray! Just like with Tint2 I can make my panel on the left, partially transparent, and autohiding. Similar to using OSX I can set up an “activity” that I switch to from my desktop, that way I can have all my monitoring widgets there and easy to get to , without them being on my desktop. Finally it is the integration, I have all the goodlooking, playing-nice-together doohickeys that I sometimes shamefully missed from OSX , and they are easy to setup and configure. I know what project I am going to donate to this month!